Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Google Chrome Will Begin Marking HTTP as Insecure


Google Chrome has long been a leader in internet security, and a very active member of the Certificate Authority/Browser (CA/B) Forum – the self-governed SSL regulations organization. One of their most recent announcements is their intention to start actively marking HTTP as insecure, placing an even higher level of importance on SSL certificates.

As we all know, SSL certificates enable the use of the HTTPs (HTTP Secure) protocol. Without SSL, browsers connect with HTTP, which does not have any encryption or authentication capabilities. Currently, browsers show the well-known green padlock and/or green address bar (with an EV certificate) when a site is using SSL along with HTTPs, but don’t show any indication of a lack of security for a site that is NOT using SSL. Google Chrome’s Security Team does not think this is quite right.

Go Green With SSL – Follow For Queries

Google Chrome Will Begin Marking HTTP as Insecure

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